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Don Alfonso 1890

In 2023, the Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant will celebrate its first 50 years.

We are preparing various celebratory activities around the world, but we feel we are making the greatest gift to our beautiful planet and to the immense heritage of biodiversity of which we are part.

We have gathered around our family scientists, designers, artisans to build together the next 50 years where the password will be POSITIVE IMPACT.

We will dedicate our time and energy to radically restructure our company with a view to integral ecology. Not only self-production of food but also energy self-production. Urgency that arises from the drama of the climatic events that we have been experiencing in recent years.

Given the bureaucratic complexity and the long construction times,
the reopening of Don Alfonso 1890 will be postponed to the season 2024.

The new Don Alfonso 1890 will continue to innovate in the wake of its tradition, the goal of creating and implementing an impact restaurant model for the planet, for the health of human beings and for local economies.