Restaurant buchen


Dearest Guest,

our structure adheres to Zero Waste Hotel®.

We believe that a cleaner world is a resource for all and that each of us must become an agent of change towards sustainability.

For this reason, we strive every day to limit the environmental impact of our hotel and restaurant as much as possible.

Thanks to the adoption of numerous virtuous behaviors, we have reduced, for example, the production of waste by about 30% and we implement separate collection that exceeds 90%.

The use of our 0 km products allows us to avoid emissions due to road transport and the use of the wet fraction as food for animals and fertilizer for the land on our Le Peracciole estate contributes to the reduction of waste produced.

We limit the use of single-dose packs and collect the corks to send them to a recycling process aimed at creating materials for green building and design objects.

Our staff, adequately trained to make every process of the management of the structure sustainable, with the use of glass and naturized water dispensers, helps to avoid plastic waste inside the structure.

Thanks to our attention to the environment, in 2021 we obtained the prestigious Green Star recognition provided by the Michelin Guide and it is with great pride that, day after day, we strive to offer our guests an experience that is not only unique, but also sustainable and respectful of the planet.