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Boutique Hotel Don Alfonso 1890, after its recent renovations, has an elegant and romantic atmosphere and all the amenities of a top luxury hotel. Its furnishings completely mirror the philosophy of its kitchen: innovate without losing the spirit of the place.

All the suites, including the original and quaint Poet's House, the exclusive residence of poet Salvatore Di Giacomo, are a blend of antique, original furniture from the 18th and 19th century that belongs to the Iaccarino family and the modern with homemade accessories from local artisans. This makes Don Alfonso 1890 truly unique.

The culinary holidays offered at Don Alfonso are a chance to give yourself over to food, nature and cuisine in a humble region with a thousand-year old history.

At the Boutique Hotel, you can enjoy an organic Mediterranean breakfast with jams, pies and local foods of the Campania regions to ensure you a pleasant awakening with the genuine flavors of very high quality ingredients.


In a 19th century, completely renovated period residence, there are elegant, brightly colored accommodations with all the amenities, the result of a careful mix of comfort for the body and the mind...

In pastel tones that are sometimes brighter, sometimes lighter but that are always charming, it is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable gourmet vacation in a warm, welcoming family-run environment.